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Spring Training is Under a Month Away - Are You Ready?

While the month of February may mean winter to most people, it means spring to at least one segment of the population: Baseball fans. That's because the first stirrings of spring training get underway in a month that probably seems a bit too cold for baseball to much of the United States.

As pitchers and catchers get ready to report, one particular segment of baseball fans will be paying particularly close attention: Sports bettors. To the diehard bettor, almost no piece of information is too small for scrutiny and analysis, and spring training provides several tantalizing bits of insight for the analyzing.

Those who play the increasingly popular futures markets will be watching the Cactus and Grapefruit leagues with rapt attention, looking for any small edge that might help them find a favorable line for their early-season championship picks. With big money increasingly flowing into futures at all stages of the season – including the preseason – it should be interesting to see how events of spring training impact the market.

While you obviously wouldn't want to make any big-money bets on such small edges, it's obvious that what happens in spring training has a significant impact on mlb picks for the entire year. With the sports media, both traditional and less so, increasingly covering even the smallest tidbit – along with those who set the lines – the race to capitalize on those pieces of information will be quite competitive and ongoing.

Even if you're not looking to make long-run picks based on the flotsam and jetsam of spring training, it's still a great time to start getting a feel for teams and for the general attitude of the markets toward specific teams

What will you be doing to get ready for the 2012 Major League Baseball betting season? Do you think spring training is supremely over-hyped or the source for a potential edge, albeit a small one?




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