Nederlandse Pokersites
Being a Dutch poker player can be a tricky prospect for an entry level player looking for a online poker room that meets a list of needs and wants. You want bonuses to entice you into the action, variety to keep you challenged and entertained, and promotions that remind you constantly that the site appreciates you playing poker with them. It also wouldn't hurt if they were Dutch friendly and translatable, to boot.

Rakeback Flourishing at Smaller Sites
Players who live and die by rakeback have found their options diminished over the last few months.  The titan of rakeback, Full Tilt Poker, is apparently out of business –  at least for the time being.  Party Poker and PokerStars both offer very solid rakeback rates at the top of their VIP programs, but getting to the top requires an almost superhuman amount of play, especially on PokerStars.

Casinos Throughout the Ages
Casino gaming has been a popular past time for as long as people have understood the concept of gambling.  While early casinos might not have been much more than a cave, some sticks and some rocks, the basic concept of gambling hasn't changed much through the millennia.

Class Up Your Home Game With a Poker Clock
If you've ever been to an organized poker tournament at a casino or charity event, you've probably seen the computers and monitors they have to track the tournaments and enjoyed a well organized, fast paced tournament.

Ranking Dutch Poker Players
There has been a common theme among players from Europe when it comes to poker playing; they're wild, crazy, and somewhat unpredictable.

Sandra Naujoks: The New Queen of PokerStars
PokerStars has long been a pioneer in the women's movement of professional poker players, and Germany has their own high profile representative in the Women division of Team Pro, with Sandra Naujoks on the brand. After taking down the CAPT Baden Open in 2008 for $240,289, Naujoks was looking for a the big win to get her name out for the world to see, like fellow Women pros Vanessa Selbst, Vanessa Rousso, and Vicky Coren.

Full Tilt Players Migrating to Party Poker

It can be puzzling sifting through the glut of online poker sites that have risen from the ashes of Black Friday; with Full Tilt Poker gone and a host of other sites crippled or shut down, many other European friendly sites have came roaring out of nowhere, boasting too good to be true bonuses and delivering players very low traffic and sketchy customer service.

Germany Burnishes Its WSOP Repuatation
You see a lot of big names get trotted out when hearing about professional poker players, many of them localized in the Americas. But Germany has a stockpile of professional grade superstars of their own right, and some of these pros are just beginning to make their mark in the poker world.

Poker Bonuses Growing for European Players
A battle for the rake of European players is on in the online poker industry is developing, and the ultimate winners of said battle will be the players themselves.

Winner Poker: A Solid Choice for New Players
New online poker players should be concerned with two basic things when they're getting ready to start playing online poker.   Choosing a room online comes down to finding a room that you can get a lot of value from and a room where you can beat the games –  or at least break even

Online Lotto: The Next Online Poker?
In the early 2000's, not many people were playing online poker, and when they did it just wasn't for very much money. Then the game really took off in 2003 and became one of the most popular forms of online gambling.

Playing Online Poker: The Egalitarian Option
For those of us that don't live in areas where casinos are readily available, trying to find an avenue to play poker can be a real drag; your options are seemingly limited to playing in seedy home games, which you'll probably need an invite to get into, or charity ran poker tournaments, where a massive chunk of the tournament prize pool will be clipped off to the chosen charity, making it more than impossible to have a positive expectation in playing...

The Impact of Black Friday
Black Friday has had a sweeping impact across the poker industry, but one avenue that will be incredibly damaged by the DOJ’s indictment of the Big Three sites is the glamorization of poker in the mainstream media and the jobs and livelihoods of a vast array of people in that side of the business

Playing From the Button
In no limit hold’em, there is no more powerful position that you can have than the button. You have no money invested in preflop, aside from possibly the ante, and postflop, you get the benefit of acting last on every round of betting, meaning your opponents are forced to make all their actions before you get to react to them, whether it be a round of checks or a bet and a raise all-in.

Who Will Take the Place of PokerStars
It's an interesting question that a lot of people are asking post-Black Friday.  Is the online poker giant truly that vulnerable and –  if so –  who could be in line to replace PokerStars at the top of the online poker heap?

Vivia Las Vegas at Sky Poker
When it comes to poker, there’s just one name that stands tallest in the lexicon of poker; Nevada’s finest gambling mecca, Las Vegas. It’s where the best poker players in the world go to gamble in the limelight, and where many players dream of one day making the pilgrimage to go see for themselves.

Number Shopping in Sports Betting
When looking for lines when seeking to place a bet, it’s important to seek out multiple books on placing your bet, instead of relying on the same book every time you bet.

The Trouble With UTG    
When beginning players are learning some of the ins and outs of hold’em, one of the last things that they tend to pick up on is the concept of position.

Countering Opponent Aggression in Tournament Poker
In tournament poker no one concept makes a player shudder or quiver in fear than the possibility of having a wild maniac at your table.

Counting Hi-Lo in Blackjack
One of the most popular and beginner friendly methods of card counting is the hi/lo count style of card counting. This style adds a card from the -1 count of the Knockout system and puts it in the 0 count, making three more clearly defined levels of value for cards in blackjack, making it easier to remember which card is worth which amount.

The KO Count in Blackjack
For many players looking to start counting cards as a part of a advanced blackjack strategy at a casino, the first one they choose to pick up is the KO (knockout) blackjack strategy for counting cards

How to win Freeroll Tournaments
Many of the bigger poker rooms run freeroll tournaments where the prize is the buy-in to a paid tournament. Sometimes freerolls are used as qualifiers for satellites for prestigious tournaments such as the World Series of Poker or the European Poker Tour.

Omaha Poker Myths
Almost all the poker games have some myths associated with them. It is very important for players to distinguish between the facts and myths in order to become expert players.

Omaha - A Game for the Lucky?
Luck plays a role in all poker games, and Omaha is no different. While the major emphasis is on the non-randomized mathematical calculations of this game, there are a few things about luck that need to be considered.

Is Online Poker Rigged?
Ever since the existence of online poker gaming sites, it has been under suspicion that these sites are fixed. There have been these rumors flying around the online poker sites and also the tables from the people who play poker.

The Basics of Texas Holdem Poker
There are different forms of poker, and Texas holdem - the Cadillac of Poker - is just one of the few types. Whether you're playing at your local casino or at one of the many UK Poker sites, knowing the basics of holdem will save you time, money and embarassment.

Online Poker Tells: Tips and Tricks
Online poker tells are basically a point when a player’s body language is all too obvious. A small sign or a typical gesture by the poker player is good enough to indicate what his/her cards hold and is known as a tell.

Satellite Tournaments Versus Rebuy Poker Tournaments
Online rebuy poker tournaments are quite different from elimination play. In the case of the online rebuy poker tournament, the players usually start off with the same number of chips. However, during the initial phase of the competition, the players who lose their chips will have the option to rebuy the chips in order to continue their play in the competition

Playing Awkward Stacks in MTTs
The tricky part of poker comes when your M becomes something that isn’t comfortable just shoving, but can’t really afford to see many chips go to waste. The area between M4-8 is considered to be the “awkward” stage of an MTT stack.

Looking for Tells in Live Poker Games

Many people will tell you that the key to beating your opponents in live poker games is the human element and that reading other peoples physical tells is the way to go. Well to that I say this, the best players are very good at giving off either no tells or false tells and so you can easily find yourself being dragged down blind alleys doing this sort of thing.

Playing Poker with Schrute Bucks?
Any poker connoisseur can confirm how easy it is to get caught up in a gambling habit. Whether you're an expert or still getting your footing, the risky thrill of going all in can still put a pit in your stomach. Other games can't be lumped into the same ballpark.

Mastering Multi-Tabling in Online Poker
Jumping from single tabling to six tabling is a sure way to give yourself a headache. Start out with two tables running at once. Notice how much less time you have to notice player tendencies, betting patterns, and to make difficult decisions. With every new table, your focus will quickly drop.

Simple Slots Advice for Poker Players at the Casino
The one armed bandit may look intimidating to a new gambler, but with the bells and whistles of modern gaming coming to the casino, some of them may look completely impossible to comprehend.

Classic Televsied Bluffs
A quick list of some of our favorite bluffs from televised poker, including confrontations between Matusow + Hellmuth plus more.

Poker Players: Avoiding Sucker Bets at the Casino
First and foremost; avoid Keno like the plague. If you came to the casino to play the lottery (which, will show you on the ticket just how bad your odds of winning are) you really need to check your priorities in why you’re gambling in the first place.

Bubble Play in Hold'em Tournaments
When the bubble approaches, stacks become paramount in determining how players will be playing. The short stacks will be clinging to life, time banking and being as slow as possible in making decisions.

Poker's Top Five Largest Egos
We run down the top egos in all of poker in this list covering poker's biggest mouths, show-offs and trash-talkers.


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Knowing Your Limits for Long Sessions
Everyone wants to be the person that can power through a monster session of online poker, playing through hour after hour and racking up massive profits.

Basic Live Casino Etiquette for Online Players
Sometimes, when at the tables, you'll have an issue with another player, whether it be a verbal complaint, something about his way of play, or another issue. The best policy with dealing with these problems is to either inform your dealer of the problem or speak to a floorperson.

Using the Post Oak Bluff in Modern Online Poker
Doyle Brunson calls the post oak bluff a “gutless” and weak play in Super System, but that hasn’t stopped players as big as Phil Hellmuth from keeping the play in their repertoire.

A Guide to Increasing Your Profits From the Blinds
Any time you choose to play a hand from the blinds, you will almost always be playing the entire hand out of position. Only if you're in the big blind during a blind versus blind hand will you have any sort of position on anyone.

The Nuts and Bolts of Online Poker - A Guide for Beginners
New to the game? We'll help you acquaint yourself with the basics of the online poker system in this article, a guide for people who are just getting started with poker online.

Protect Yourself From Online Poker Scams
Of all the poker tools available today, there are some scams also that you need to be warned about. Poker bots, hole card predictors, and ‘view your opponent’s hole cards’ are a few tools that you must be very careful about.

Online Poker: Time for the Bubble to Burst?
The world is now going crazy over internet poker. While playing poker live in the house is a great experience, playing internet poker also offers great opportunities for people to sit back home and enjoy.

Poker Banking Options
If you have made up your mind to play online poker, then you must understand the different methods that the site offers and how they can be used.

Bankroll Management: Understanding Caro's Threshold of Misery
Mike Caro has come up with a number of interesting theories in his years as a poker aficionado. One of the more controversial ones has been his threshold of misery theory, which states, “Any losses a player may take after passing the threshold of misery will have no higher meaning to the player than what they’ve already lost.”

Understanding Implied Odds in Texas Holdem Poker Games
Implied odds are a very useful calculation in limit hold’em, but also has value for a no limit player. It is the odds that you will make additional money aside from what is in the pot if you make your hand.

Australian Online Poker: Where to Play?
Aussie poker sites provide hours of gaming entertainment at their premier online poker venues. One such site that has garnered tremendous attention over the course of 2010 is 888Poker. This top-tier online poker gaming destination is the must-play site for Aussie poker player

The Smart Way to Enter Big Buyin Tournaments
Online poker games or online gambling is so famous these days that tournaments are being held to promote this game. Learn how this can help you enter tournaments you'd never be able to afford otherwise.

How Different is the Modern Online Poker Game?
During ancient times, poker games were played using only a deck that consisted of 20 cards. Over time, the game went on to include 4 players, in which a bet was kept on a player who had the perfect hand for the game and was the most valuable as well.

Dealing With Knowledge Limitations in Poker
It is very important to have adequate knowledge about poker when a person starts playing for the first time. As poker involves a lot of monetary transactions, even a small mistake can result in huge losses

Bullying Weak Players - Tips and Tricks for Holdem
Weak players are where you stand to make the most money at the table, but understanding how to milk them for every dollar they have is an interesting art.

Tips for Seat Selection in Live Poker Games
Listen for laughter. One of the biggest indicators of a table’s skill level is the amount of “noise” that comes from it. Poker players that are plainly dressed, quiet, and otherwise statuesque are generally solid players

How Popular are Online Poker Tools?
Both online poker tools and online poker cheats are very popular these days. In fact, these are the most prevalent items to be used by poker players....

How Different is Online Poker from Live Games?
Playing poker online is quite different from that of the casino atmosphere. Today, poker has become more convenient as you can play the game while sitting at home or office. 

Biggest Poker Wins Ever
Ever since people began gambling on poker games, large sums of money have been involved to go along with the obvious respect and pride that comes with any poker win! Since poker's recent move into the mainstream though, some of the prizes involved have been bordering on ludicrous.