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How to Break Down Online Poker Bonus Offers

The world of online poker real money bonus offers is a confusing one, especially for the uninitiated. A confusing morass of numbers and percentages, most poker bonuses are designed to make the player feel like they're getting the best value possible while in fact costing the room the minimum amount possible.

That's obviously a suboptimal situation for players. Players want to actually get the best value and not just feel like they're getting the best value. With that in mind, this article will focus on explaining exactly how players can determine the real value of an online poker bonus.

Most bonus, whether they be deposit bonuses, reload bonuses or promotional bonuses, work like this: The room gives you a bonus amount that in placed in a separate account than your real money account. This means you can't play with or withdraw the bonus money. As you meet requirements that the room sets – usually earning a certain amount of their points by paying rake – parts of the bonus are moved from the bonus account to your real money account, where they can be used for play and cashed out.

Figuring out the value of a bonus is now a simple task. We simply take the amount of the bonus and divide it by the amount of rake we need to pay to “earn” the bonus. A quick example will clear up any remaining confusion.

Mike deposits at ABC Poker and gets a $100 bonus. ABC will give Mike $5 of the bonus for every 100 ABC points he earns. ABC points are earned at the rate of 10 points for every $10 in rake paid. So, Mike will have to pay $100 in total rake to earn $5 of the bonus. As an aside, that is a pretty bad bonus value at 5% (5 / 100) – the average value for a deposit bonus, also referred to as the “clearance rate” of the bonus, is probably closer to 18%.

Now you know how to evaluate bonuses, so get out there and start beating the poker rooms at their own game!




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