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Basic Live Casino Etiquette for Online Players

Tipping the dealer. Some players are unfamiliar with the concept of tipping the dealer when at the casino, whether they're playing poker or other casino games such as blackjack. Dealers see none of the rake that’s being pulled off the table, and generally make less than minimum wage, before tips. The general standard on tipping is as follows: if you see a flop, no matter the size of the pot, you generally tip $1. If you win a pot preflop with more than $10 in it, again, you generally tip $1. For larger pots, something in the range of $200 at the $1/$2 NL tables, you can tip $2. I generally leave $1 for most pots, and 1% of the pot for anything up to $500, so roughly $4 for a $400 pot, so on. After $500, I’ll leave the tip at $5. You don’t want to tip away your earnings at the table, but giving a fair percentage of each pot is reasonable; treat your dealer like you would a waiter at a nice restaurant. Even if your dealer is bad, or misdeals, don’t take it upon yourself to punish him for his error by stiffing him; if the dealer really is that terrible, request the floor and bring the issue up with them.

Dealing with other players. Sometimes, when at the tables, you’ll have an issue with another player, whether it be a verbal complaint, something about his way of play, or another issue. The best policy with dealing with these problems is to either inform your dealer of the problem or speak to a floorperson. That's one of the great things about a live casino - they can offer a level of support and customer service that even the best online casinos have a hard time matching. Trying to deal with the problem yourself may result in getting removed from the poker room for the day. Most of the time, when two players have a dispute, they’ll generally just remove both parties in lieu of causing a further disturbance with the players. By simply taking your request for a complaint directly to an employee, it settles the problem quickly and keeps things from escalating to a point that sees you removed as well.

Other notes. The dealers and waitresses aren’t the only people working in a casino that you can tip. Tipping the floor is also allowed, and if they’re helping you out, whether it be by finding you a seat, hooking you up with comps, or anything else that helps you out, be kind enough to reciprocate and tip them for their services. Many players neglect to reward the floor, and if you’re a regular at the casino, tipping the floor may help you to receive better comps and more personal service in the future. Also, when dealing with the floor and cage, be patient. Nothing is more likely to get you removed from the premises than complaining or causing a scene with either of the two. You’re showing the people that handle you before you get to the tables that you’re already going to cause problems. Just calm down, keep a cool head, and wait your turn; the tables will still be there once you get your chips.



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